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Dixie Regional Hosta in the News – May 26, 2021
Plant lovers from across the region flocked to Huntsville Saturday for the Annual North Alabama Hosta Society sale on Saturday.
Cape Gazette – May 22, 2019
The DelMarVa Hosta Society will offer a number of hard-to-find hostas from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, June 15, at the Garden Market in Zwaanendael Park during the 29th annual …. – Mar 24, 2014
This year’s Regional convention will be graciously hosted by Bob and Nancy Solberg in Wake Forest….
Hosta in the News
Farm Forum – Feb. 7, 2024
Hostas are a fantastic plant for North Dakota landscapes.
Sentinel Record – Feb. 4, 2024
Danny Lawson, president and newsletter editor with the Wichita Hosta Society, will be the guest speaker at the Ouachita Hosta and Shade…
House Digest – Feb 5, 2024
Hostas add vibrancy to any garden with their beautiful green hue. For more color variety, plant them with this flowering perennial.
Thomasvile Times-Enterprise – Feb. 9, 2024
We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed.
House Digest – Dec 31, 2023
As we mentioned, hostas and hydrangeas are generally hardy in the same zones. They also both thrive in consistently moist, fertile soil.
House Digest – Dec. 4, 2023
Not only can they improve your soil and feed your plants, but used grounds are slightly acidic. Hostas grow best in soils with a pH between 6.5…
House Digest – Nov. 10, 2023
These hostas are not actually blue and instead have a wax-like coating on their leaves that gives them a glaucous tint. When exposed to more…
Delaware Gazette – Nov. 4, 2023
Also known as “plantain lilies”, Hostas can be used to create dramatic effects in problem areas. They are very comfortable under trees, where…
Savanah Morning News – Nov. 3, 2023
In a growing season that could have turned into a “Southern Hosta Boil,” the Garden Guy and son James struck gold with Shadowland Coast to…
KSMU – Oct. 13, 2023
The Springfield Botanical Gardens, 2400 S. Scenic in Springfield, showcase a variety of plants. There are several gardens created and maintained…
A-Z Animals – Oct. 10, 2023
Before the first frost, trim the leaves of your hosta back to several inches above the ground. Hostas usually begin this process themselves.
House Digest – Sep. 7, 2023
A full-looking garden conveys a healthy garden, and so when you’re looking to fill it in, filler foliage is key. Here, we take a look at a…
Homes & Gardens – Aug 22, 2023
‘Hosta leaves will turn yellow if the plant is too dry,’ says Anna. ‘If this is the cause, it will also be accompanied by curling leaves that…
The Owensboro Times – Aug 11, 2023
Camilla is in the process of obtaining her Master Gardner certification, and her class has been helping develop the new hosta garden at the…
House Digest – Aug. 5, 2023
Be prepared to implement temporary shade structures or use additional shading techniques to provide immediate relief to your hostas if needed.
Duluth News Tribune – Aug 3, 2003
This Heatwave hosta plant is one of over 220 varieties included in Karen Younggren’s Pike Lake garden. Her garden will be featured in the…
House Digest – Jul 26, 2023
The best time to separate hosta plants is spring or early fall. For spring division, aim for when the eyes are popping out, as splitting hostas…
KIMT3 – Jul 14, 2023
ROCHESTER, Minn.-The Midwest Regional Hosta Convention is back in Rochester for the first time since 2012.
Post-Bulletin – Jul. 10, 2023
Tomashek, who in 2005 founded the Shades of Green Hosta Society for Southeast Minnesota hosta growers, is helping coordinate the 2023 Midwest…
Mississippi State Extension Service – Jul 10, 2023
Hostas, hydrangeas, ferns thrive in shade · Purple flowers bloom from a container at the center of a garden. · Pink flowers bloom in a shady…
House Digest – Jun 10, 2023
Insufficient watering is a common culprit of wilted hostas. Check the soil moisture level by gently digging your finger about one inch into the…
Apr. 25, 2023
Top tips for growing hostas in containers … Choose a large container (18in in diameter or more) with drainage holes. Plant your hosta at the…
St. Louis Magazine – Apr 21, 2023
In late 2016, Brian and Erica Kniffin officially opened Hostas on the Bluff, where they sell approximately 8000 hostas a year to buyers…
Homes & Gardens – Apr 20, 2023
When to divide hostas. Ruth Hayes, a garden expert for Homes & Gardens, recommends dividing hostas every few years. The Royal Horticultural…
House Digest – Apr. 20, 2023
Coral bells (Heuchera) are great companion plants for hostas because they enjoy the same type of environment, maintenance requirements, and…
Vermont Public – Apr. 6, 2023
You know hostas? Those broad-leafed, perennial plants landscapers so often put in shady spots, or on the edges between gardens and lawns?
Bucyrus Telegraph-Forum – Mar 23, 2023
Hyped, I began unfolding “Sprinkling Spring” with fern, yellow tulips, pussy willow and “Light the Match” hosta leaves. A rare turquoise vase…
Savannah Morning News – May 25, 2021
The award-winning Shadowland Autumn Frost hosta will stop you in your tracks. One of my Facebook followers…
Columbus Dispatch – May 23, 2021
Each year my hostas leaf-out beautifully in the spring only to be eaten completely to the ground by slugs….
WBIR – Apr. 16, 2021
…avid hostas fans, have planted more than 500 hosta varieties…
TCPalm. – Mar 3, 2021
The usual hosta varieties prefer cold winters that induce dormancy and warm summers of moderate length. Many hostas have a chilling…
Watauga Democrat – Feb 18, 2021
We are also blessed to have a major hosta expert and hosta hybridizer here in North Carolina: Bob Solberg of Green Hill Hostas in Franlinton is …
News-Review – Oct 31, 2020
Answer: Hostas are popular with gardeners because they are reliable, hardy and have countless combinations of leaf color, shape and textures…
The Gazette, Oct 4, 2020
You can move or divide hostas during even the hottest months of summer if you… Hosta plants are popular in Midwest yards because most are…
Texarkana Gazette – Jul 29, 2020
Etched Glass may just be the most beautiful hosta I have ever seen or grown. Not only do I find it mesmerizing but as a horticulturist I find it ….
Savannah Morning News – Jul 18, 2020
The world of hostas can be a little like thoroughbred racehorses from the… named Stained Glass which became the 2006 Hosta of the year.
Indianapolis Business Journal – Jun 26, 2020
It;s tempting to characterize Sue Beecher’s yard as simply a hosta garden. And with good reason. There are hundreds of the shade-loving ….
The Lawton Constitution – Jun 18, 2020
Hosta not only grow well in coll, shady locations, but need these conditions to grow and flower well. Hosta are being used as foliage plants for …
Fremont News Messenger – Jun 15, 2020
If your shade gardening goal is to have as little maintenance as possible, hosta plants are the answer. The are a hardy perennial that is …
Athens Daily Review – June 15, 2020
Hostas are almost the perfect plant for the shade garden. These perennial plants come back year after year, and in the summer, send up stalks ….
Chicago Tribune – Jun 7, 2020
It is important to remove all the ifected foliage on your hosta – it is early in the season, and the plants should fill back in. Hostas are tough plants…
Connecticut Public Radio – May 21, 2020
Hosta is the go-to shade plant for many gardeners. It grows easily with colorful leaves and pink or white flowers. The key with being happy with …
Portsmouth Daily Times -Oct 16, 2019
Hosta is a perennial foliage plant so well known and widely planted that many gardeners take it for granted. There are over 3000 named … – Oct 4, 2019
Please advise how I can divide my hosta plants. I have approximately two dozen that are about 3 to 4 years old. They are very pretty; however, ….
Victoria Advocate – Sep 5, 2019
Like true hostas, African hosta is a low-growing rosette of oblong leaves that arise directly from undergound bulbs. Leaves. The flshy leaves are…
The Morning Call – Aug 27, 2019
Variegated hostas are beautiful, and I have several – when the deer don’t eat them. First, I think we need to address what causes variegation ….
Everett Herald – Aug 24, 2019
The only hosta that comes close to “Patriot” is its sister “Minuteman.” “Minuteman” has darker green leaf centers and a brighter white edge. ” … – Aug 23, 2019

There’s a reason why everyone loves hostas: The leafy perennials thrive in both sun and shade, are easy to care for, and come in an infinite …

Hostas make a dependable — and leafy — addition to any …
Alaskastar – Jul 5, 2019
Dependable, beautiful plants, Hostas (Plantation Lily) are noted for their lush foliage and low maintenance in the garden. Touted as a shade …

White Feather Hosta Is the Unexpected Accent Your Shade Garden Needs – Jun 28, 2019
Hostas are the shade-loving perennials anyone can grow. Their foliage and flowers come in a vast array of hues and forms, making them favorites of gardeners …

The hosta man: Maynardville gardener has been growing, selling rare hostas for 20-plus years
Knoxville News Sentinel -Jun 25, 2019
MAYNARDVILLE — Around the corner of Brian White’s eclectic Maynardville cottage, past billowing purple coneflowers, White’s personal hosta …

Menomonie gardener shares tale of discovering a new strain of hosta
Chippewa Herald – Jun 24, 2019
A couple of years later he published another THJ article about hosta … Known as the “queen of the shade garden,” hostas were brought to the …

Betty Montgomery: Hosta plants are sturdy, easy to grow
GoUpstate – Jun 18, 2019
Hostas are popular because they thrive in shade and are easy to propogate. Many perennials hove to be lifted and divided every few years, but…

Home Young Hosta Shoots are Edible. Who Knew?
Treehugger – Mar 23, 2019
Add hostas to he list of plants you may have your yard that serve… If you still want the hosta to grow and bloom as an ornamental plant for the

Hosta of the Year (2019) – ‘Lakeside Paisley Print’
Battlefords News-Optimist – Dec 21, 2018
With so much choice, how do you decide which hostas to grow in your garden? The American Hosta Growers Association (www.hostagrowers.

Hosta Virus X affects only hostas, and the plants won’t recover
Chicago Tribune – Aug 30, 2018
Hosta Virus X-infected plants will not recover, so it is important to prevent spreading the disease to other healthy hostas in your garden. Remove …

Holes in your hostas may signal slugs. Here’s how to stop this garden pest.
Chicago Tribune – Jul 30, 2018
Slugs are a common pest on hosta, and it is likely that they are eating your plants. Slugs will be active when temperatures are above 50  degrees…

7800 hostas in one man’s garden? Yeah, but that’s nothing. Would you believe 1,500?
Omaha World Herald – Jun 24, 2018
Nystrom belongs to the Shady Choice Hosta Society of Omaha, which has about 100 members. They’re all crazy for hostas, some more than …

Super-hardy, colorful Hostas do it all: in a shade garden, in a …
The Seattle Times – Jun 6, 2018
Although Hostas are usually grown for their attractive foliage, the trumpet-shaped flowers are attractive to hummingbirds as well.

Hosta Virus X is difficult to diagnose
Battlefords News-Optimist – Apr 30, 2018
Hostas come in many colours (blue, green, yellow and white) and healthy plants often have variegated leaves, with patches of yello and white…

How to plant and care for Hostas, one of the coolest plants for shades.
King 5 – Mar 30, 2018
Seattle – Hostas come in all different colors, shapes and sizes and make a perfect addition to a shady part of your Pacific Northwest garden.

Growing Concerns: Hosta of the Year brings gold to your garden
Post-Bulletin-Feb 2, 2018
This impressive hosta is a stunning specimen or great background for smaller plants in the shade garden. Combine “World Cup” with other shade garden perennials and annuals for a colorful, low-maintenance garden design. This hosta is an excellent choice for Hosta of the Year — a competition that is the …

Gardening: Hosta care and keeping, Part 2
Saskatoon StarPhoenix-Feb 2, 2018
The question arises, with so many hosta varieties available, how do we choose? There are many variables in terms of size, foliage, shape, colour and texture of foliage, flower colour, and leaf substance (thicker leaves = better slug resistance). A lot of it comes down to personal preferences and available …

Hostas: plant, care & variety guide 28, 2018
Experience has taught me that if you’re prepared to pamper your hostas on planting, nestling each plant into the soil along with a generous bucket of rich compost, offering regular deep soakings during their first summer and mulching the ground around them heavily to hold moisture, they don’t mind the dry …

Gardening: Hosta care and keeping, part 1
Saskatoon StarPhoenix-Jan 26, 2018
Leaves of hostas are generally heart-shaped but can also be round to oval or long and narrow. The tips may be round or pointed. The margins or leaf edges lack indentation such as teeth or lobes but may be wavy or undulating. The leaf veins are deep and prominent. The leaf surface can be smooth, shiny, …

Northern Gardening: Hostas a treasure in the garden
The Reminder-Dec 8, 2017
Most hostas are native to Japan, with a few originating in China or Korea. Hundreds of cultivars have been developed from these hostas. Leaves can be smooth or textured, ovate, rounded, lance-shaped or heart- shaped. The foliage can be uniform in colour or in combinations and variegation of green, …

Every shade of green: Onalaska couple tend thriving garden of hostas
The Courier Life News-Aug 24, 2017
Though deer will eat just about anything if they are hungry enough, hostas are not their first choice, and Plant Skydd seems to have encouraged them on to tastier pastures.“My husband faithfully sprays every couple of weeks,” Robyn said, and so far it is working. “We see them in the woods and they walk …

Why you should plant shade-loving hostas in your garden
Fox News-Aug 16, 2017
Hostas prove that variety is the spice of life, at least when it comes to their role in the landscape. Their large leaves come in a range of colors, shapes and textures and last for years. With thousands of hosta species to choose from, there’s sure to be something that will work in the shady spots of your garden.

Wilmington garden will be featured on hosta tour
The News Journal-Jul 26, 2017
On regular walks through her neighborhood in North Wilmington with my friend, Patti, I often slowed to observe the ever–changing scene. The colorful, meticulously maintained borders obviously reflected a plant lover’s creative spirit, and I noted the unmistakable touch of the collector in her hosta selections.

Great Plant Pick: Hosta ‘Francee,’ francee hosta
The Daily Herald-Jul 16, 2017
What: Hosta “Francee,” or simply francee hosta, is a popular and vigorous hosta that quickly forms substantial clumps of bright green and white variegated foliage. It is a great choice for massing or using as a single specimen. In summer, tall spikes of lavender flowers compliment the variegated foliage.

The mystery of hostas: Book by area native inspired by shady plant
Marietta Times-Jul 4, 2017
And the property around his house in Delaware features a couple hundred varieties of hostas, a shade-tolerant foliage plant. The book, from …

Hosta lovers united at a Topeka botanical garden Friday
WIBW-Jun 23, 2017
Members of the Midwest Regional Hosta Society toured the Ward-Meade Botanical Garden in Topeka, as part of their annual convention being …

Hostas in pots
Wisconsin State Farmer-Jun 22, 2017
Hostas are the number one selling perennial in the United States, with good reason. Their versatility in the garden, easy to grow habit and …

Jayn Bielecki: Happy hostas
Chippewa Herald-Jun 20, 2017
Hostas are known for their beautiful foliage. The come in many leaf shapes, sizes and colors. They even sport some delicate flowers later in the …

Gardening: Try growing hostas in pots
Charlotte Observer-Jun 19, 2017
Gardening always surprises, and that is part of its charm. One of the big surprises of my gardening life has been how well hostas grow in pots.

From hogs to hostas
Quad City Times-Jun 18, 2017
Buy Now. A hosta bed grows beneath a walkway of blue spruce. The hundreds of hostas get “free mulch” from the pine needles. …. But because the trees are dying from the bottom up (as often happens in the Midwest), Moffit has begun trimming them, then planting the ground beneath with hostas. A friend …

Riggenbach: Slugs, disease, hail can hurt hostas
Omaha World-Herald-Jun 14, 2017
Diseases in hostas, though infrequent, range from inconvenient to serious. Hostas infected with anthracnose fungi, for example, get large irregular spots. The centers of the spots may fall out and, if the infection is severe, whole leaves may die back. Fungicides are of no use once the symptoms appear, but …

Photo Gallery: The annual Western Pa. Hosta Show
Tribune-Review-Jun 7, 2017
The juried show offered hosta enthusiasts in the region an opportunity to showcase their best hostas, including cut leaf as well as potted …

What are hostas? How to cook and eat those delicious plants in your … 9, 2017
That’s right — you can cook and eat hostas, an ornamental perennial plant that grows throughout Upstate New York. Hostas are easy to grow.

Hosta sale is a ‘family event’ that outgrew expectations 30, 2017
Tom and Mary Riddle have been married for 43 years. They started growing hostas to keep Tom from mowing over Mary’s wildflowers.

Hosta Slugs
Peoria Journal Star (blog)-Apr 30, 2017
A rainy spring like this one sometimes results in numerous slugs that cause heavy damage, especially on hosta. Phil Nixon, Extension …

Spring is good time to divide hostas
Quad City Times-Apr 2, 2017
Hostas are a popular landscaping plant and easy to grow, but certain steps in planting and dividing must be followed to ensure optimal …

Brother Stefan tapped as 2017 Hosta of the Year
Wisconsin State Farmer-Jan 2, 2017
Hosta lovers will rejoice in 2017 as one of the classics receives top honors as award-winning Hosta of the Year. Each year, the American Hosta …

Allsup: Hostas ‘fabulous foliage’
Bloomington Pantagraph-Nov 26, 2016
Hostas are among some of the most cherished perennials of all time, creating a lush pallet of bright greens, muted greens, chartreuse greens, …

Green Thumb: Hosta enthusiasts offer tips for newbies
Memphis Commercial Appeal-Aug 26, 2016
Judith Hammond/Special to The Commercial Appeal Dawn’s Early Light, a hosta in Judith Hammond’s garden, is just beginning to show its …

THE DIRT ON GARDENING: Hostas are the perfect plant to fill bare …
Goshen News-Aug 24, 2016
Easily overlooked are some of the simplest inclusions of vegetation (hostas) that make a modest landscape into an admired landscape.

Made for shade, hostas flourish in a pot 18, 2016
Leon County is at the far southern range where hostas will perform, so they will need a little extra care in our area to thrive. One of the best …

Hardy, low-maintenance hostas allow gardeners to get creative
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-Jul 31, 2016
What is it about hostas that make gardeners love them so much? … It’s more of a medium-size hosta, and I’ve been growing that one 8 to 10 …

Oshkosh hosta and garden walk Saturday
The Oshkosh Northwestern-Jul 20, 2016
Tour-goers may think they have gone to hosta haven at the woodland garden of Betty and Jim Humphrey, 2950 Manor Drive. The second …

Hardy, low-maintenance hostas allow gardeners to get creative
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-Jul 17, 2016
Jack Barta, owner of Jack’s Hostas in Cedarburg, complements his “well over 2,000 varieties” of hostas with Japanese maples, lilies, hellebores …

Hosta – A Low Maintenance Favorite
WHAV News-Jul 13, 2016
You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for low maintenance. Instead include hosta varieties available in a myriad of leaf shapes, sizes and color …

Hosta auction set for July 9 at Augusta’s Viles Arboretum
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel-Jul 5, 2016
AUGUST A— The Maine Hosta Society will host a Hosta auction Saturday, July 9, at Viles Arboretum, 153 Hospital St. A silent auction will …

Central Illinois Hosta Society’s gardon tour will be June 21
Peoria Journal Star-Jun 12, 2016
PEKIN — The Central Illinois Hosta Society will meet at 6 p.m. June 21 at the garden of Dan and Cheryl Taylor, 19 Cypress Point.

Why do my hostas look stunted?
News & Observer-Jun 10, 2016
I have three hosta plants on the north side of my house. I planted them in a raised bed four to five years ago. The first two years or so the plants …

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Holes in Hosta Leaves
NTV-Jun 8, 2016
Sink a can of stale beer in the ground near your hostas or check under rocks and birdbaths in the morning. If slugs are the culprit, you’ll find …

Hosta plants judged, shown, sold at event
Tribune-Review-Jun 7, 2016
The Daffodil and Hosta Society of Western Pennsylvania held its 24th annual hosta show on June 4 at Soergel Orchards in Franklin Park.

Easy-to-grow hostas create excitement season after season 31, 2016
The cool blue to green tones of Hosta ‘Parasol’–which are blue in spring and turn dark green in summer–brings a sense of balance to the …

Greendale Avenue was host to hosta haven
The Sheboygan Press-May 27, 2016
As gardeners everywhere – sharp spade in hand – struggle to split those medusa-like roots of the hosta, rarely do they think of the history behind …

Hosta show at Soergel farm market
Observer-Reporter-May 24, 2016
The annual Pittsburgh Hosta Show, presented by the Daffodil & Hosta Society of Western Pennsylvania, will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. June 4 at …

Hosta expert instructs area growers
Bradford Era-May 21, 2016
SMETHPORT — John J. Smead of Quest Creek, East Otto, N.Y., presented slides, videos and growing instructions to an audience of area hosta …

Hostas are popular but avoid full sun
New Bern Sun Journal-May 20, 2016
Local garden centers will be selling a lot of hostas over the next several weeks, and for good reason. Hostas are attractive and useful options …

In The Garden: Paul James shows us why the hosta is such a great … 10, 2016
Paul James says that the hosta loves the shade and is perfect for those areas under a tree. He says that the diversity of shapes and colors will …

Hostas: Plant in shade or plant in sun
Progress Index-May 7, 2016
Hosta plants are a perennial favorite among gardeners. Their lush foliage and easy care make them ideal for a low maintenance garden.

Invest in these stately cultivars to keep your garden healthy
The Globe and Mail-May 4, 2016
Hostas are the grandes dames of the garden, but even these stately ladies occasionally need to be organized. Now is the perfect time to take …

Gardening Etcetera: Hosta!
Arizona Daily Sun-Apr 30, 2016
Hostas, named in honor of Austrian botanist Nicolaus Thomas Host (1761-1834), are herbaceous perennial plants native to Korea, Japan and …

Growing Concerns: Add taste to your garden with ‘Curly Fries’ hosta
Post-Bulletin-Feb 18, 2016
The American Hosta Growers Association (AHGA) established the AHGA Hosta of the Year program in 1996. Award winners are selected by a …

Mini hostas like ‘Curly Fries’ look mighty pretty
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier (blog)-Feb 7, 2016
Hosta lovers are placing their orders for “Curly Fries.” The delicious little plant was named the American Hosta Growers Association hosta of the …

Artistry and a big crop of hostas amid Minnesota cornfields
Hamilton Spectator-Feb 2, 2016
Kathy Pedersen was in awe of the hosta gardens cultivated by … Pedersen and her husband, Mike, have carved out an oasis of hosta and other …

Hosta growing tips
Minneapolis Star Tribune-Jan 23, 2016
Japanese painted ferns, coral bells and astilbe are some favorite hosta companion plants. “Add impatiens and begonias for splashes of color,” …

Hosta of the Year has narrow leaves 16, 2016
You are going to like these fries, even though you cant eat them. Every year the American Hosta Growers Associations awards a Hosta of the ..

Bowden Hostas secures key site
Horticulture Week-Nov 27, 2015
Next year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show will feature Bowden Hostas on the central monument site in the pavilion. The Devon grower will exhibit …

Garden Tips: Hostas are a great shade plant
Tri-City Herald-Nov 22, 2015
Shade-challenged gardeners should consider planting hostas. Hostas, also known as plantain lilies, are perennial plants prized for their …

Margaret Lauterbach: Go natural when battling hosta pests
Idaho Statesman-Oct 29, 2015
Hostas spread and fill in nicely in garden beds, but it may seem like you’re growing a lot of slug candy at times. Slugs find food and shelter in ..

County commission recognizes Ward-Meade Botanical Garden for …
Topeka Capital Journal-Sep 14, 2015
Being chosen by American Hosta as a national display garden is an “amazing achievement due to the strict requirements,” county parks and …

Naperville Gardener – If You Love Hostas…
Positively Naperville-Sep 11, 2015
Hostas are one of the easiest perennials to grow. Notable for their distinctive foliage, their blooms are delightful and can be an unexpected …

Experience your garden in a new light
Appleton Post Crescent-Aug 15, 2015
I have many different hosta varieties sprawling throughout my garden beds, and seeing hostas at night brings a new light to these stunning …

As the Worm Turns: Humble hostas
Zumbrota News-Record-Jul 29, 2015
Known as the “friendship plant” because of its ease in being divided and then shared with others, the humble hosta is a real treasure.

Hostas will bring a burst of energy to your garden
Irish Examiner-Jul 25, 2015
Hostas with their lush broady leaves simply won’t do well in drier soils, and they are absolutely revelling in the damp soils after all the rain.

What can be attacking this reader’s hostas?
Allentown Morning Call-Jul 10, 2015
Q: Can you please tell me why my hostas look so sickly? The leaves get brown and rotted looking and there are some with holes in them.

Your garden in July: Sean Murray’s tips for North East gardeners
ChronicleLive-Jul 8, 2015
Hostas are one of my favourite plants to use in design, they originate from Northeast Asia, Japan, China and Korea and they prefer shade and …

Beilstein grows thousands of hostas in his backyard
Richland Source-Jul 5, 2015
MANSFIELD, Ohio — When Doug Beilstein fed his curiosity about hosta plants around 25 years ago, his appetite only grew. And so did his …

Franklin gardener shares hosta heaven with UT
The Tennessean-Jul 4, 2015
Franklin’s Cornelia Holland has nurtured the half-acre garden she calls Tranquility — home to hundreds of hostas and other shade-loving …

Sculptural hostas thrive in shade 18, 2015
Do you have a favorite plant? I think as we become gardeners, we pick a plant that we fall in love with and nothing had better mess with it.

Looking for hosta greatness?
Kankakee Daily Journal-Jun 2, 2015
I have seldom seen an effective arrangement of hosta in a garden. People love these ubiquitous plants, and with good reason, but they tend to…..

Mouse ears: Gardening with mini hostas
Appleton Post Crescent-May 16, 2015
One of the most popular plant series ever introduced, the mighty “mouse ears” series of miniature hostas continues to grow each season, …

Hosta la Vista, Baby
Volume One-May 16, 2015
Witt said their garden has many unique and beautiful plants, but he is especially fond of hostas, and he and his wife attend national …

Hosta is UT Gardens Plant of Month: Perhaps best shade-loving …
Paris Post Intelligencer-May 13, 2015
Hostas are shade-loving perennials that come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. A new garden at the UT Gardens in Knoxville will display …

UT Gardens To Dedicate New Hosta Garden On June 7
The Chattanoogan-May 8, 2015
Hostas are the number one shade perennial sold in the United States and now the University of Tennessee Gardens is among the top sites in …

GROW!: Hostas great addition to shady garden beds
Stillwater News Press-Apr 5, 2015
Your garden plants are no different, and one of the most popular shade perennials is the hosta. Gardeners may favor planting hostas in the …

PLANT LEGENDS: A brief history of the hosta and its many shapes …
Anniston Star-Mar 29, 2015
All the hostas pictured were grown in containers. Keeping hostas out of the ground helps protect them from hungry voles, which love to gnaw …

Growing Concerns: ‘Victory’ is yours in the garden this year
Post-Bulletin-Mar 6, 2015
Hosta is a great plant for the shade garden, but with the increasing number of cultivars available, it has become difficult for gardeners to choose …

Hosta Virus X has no cure
Cherry Hill Courier Post-Feb 16, 2015
The original Hosta “Sum and Substance” was introduced in the 1980s. It quickly became popular among American gardeners, and was the …

And the winner is… Hosta of the year – Victory
The Battlefords News-Optimist-Feb 2, 2015
If you have a shady spot in your garden, you probably have a typically well-behaved, long-lived hosta or two to fill the space. And because …

Life is a Garden and “The Hosta Lady” Digs it 10, 2015
At the time there were only about 20 cultivars, or hostas that were cultivated to display certain characteristics, in existence. Her passion was …

Yard MD: Selecting 2015’s top plants
Appleton Post Crescent-Dec 18, 2014
This week I’ll introduce you to the winning hosta, herb, annual and edible, as well as the Wisconsin Nursery and Landscape Association …

Yard MD: New hostas will draw attention in ’15
Appleton Post Crescent-Dec 11, 2014
Kicking off the series is my look at the must-have new hostas for 2015. I checked in with several of the top area hosta growers to see what’s on ..

Hosta convention thrills for gardeners
Fond du Lac Reporter-Jul 8, 2014
These were the names of just some of the thousands of hosta varieties on display during the just-concluded Midwest Regional Hosta Society …

Yard MD: Garden tours delight hosta convention attendees
Appleton Post Crescent (blog)-Jun 27, 2014
This weekend, attendees of the Hostas by the Bay Midwest Regional Hosta Society convention, held at the Radisson Hotel and Conference …

Hosta la vista: Alan Titchmarsh tips on planting hostas in containers 8, 2014
When you don’t want the bother of replacing bedding plants every season, hostas are an excellent choice for all-year-round tubs. They look …

How to divide hosta
Minneapolis Star Tribune (blog)-May 27, 2014
I spent the weekend digging up plants to get ready for the Green Girls plant swap May 31, and it reaffirmed my affection for hosta. They spread …

Ozarks hosta society garden earns national acclaim
Springfield News-Leader-May 24, 2014
It’s not unusual for members of the Greater Ozarks Hosta Society to get … It is hosta society president Tom Lakowske’s philosophy that every …

Hosta La Vista
Albany Times Union-May 22, 2014
Meg and Jim Dalton have owned their Middle Grove home for almost 15 years. They started their garden — which specializes in gorgeous, …

Shade-loving hostas among best plants for beginners
Springfield News-Leader-Mar 29, 2014
The Master Gardener and president of the Greater Ozarks Hosta Society is an avid fan of shade gardening in general — he and wife Cathy …

5 tips for successfully growing hostas
Chattanooga Times Free Press – Sep 15, 2012
You don’t need a green thumb or a lot of sun to grow hostas. “(The are) on of the easiest perennials to grow in the shade or partial shade, ” ….

Daily Press – Sep 4, 2005
But this plant is no longer a star in the garden because it’s infected with Hosta Virus X, which shows up as irregular yellowing on the foliage. “….

Learn about hostas and how they do best in our southern climate.